The pro version Virtual-Shot offers the ability to adjust your ballistics and firearm setup to a number of presets or your own custom specifications. This includes Sight Height, Muzzel Velocity, Ballistic Coefficient, Bullet Weight, and Bullet Diameter.

Adjusting your Ballistics

To adjust your ballistic and firarm settup, enter the Armoury menu from the main menu. Then enter the ballistics menu. You can then customise your setup by selecting on the differant perameters show below.

To select between the Virtual-Shot preset options, select the preset icon at the top of the screen.

Virtual-Shot offers monthly competitions for Pistol, Red Dot, and Scope users. The highest scores for each month will receive a $50 USD cash prize. Competitions can be found on the Main Menu screen. The leaderboard will be reset at the end of each month.

Virtual-Shot will only allow you to enter competitions that reflect your weapon configuration. Eg. You must be in Pistol Mode to enter the monthly Pistol Competition.

Currently, there are unlimited attempts at each of the competitions. Winners will be notified via email at the end of each month and prizes will be delivered shortly thereafter.

Virtual-Shot has multiple mini-games available to either test your skills or just have some fun. Mini Games can be accessed from the main menu. They include a Junkyard challenge, various Hunting levels, multiple Zombie levels, and a Blackhawk Down level. The scores are based on the number of hits you achieve or the time you last. Your scores will automatically be uploaded to the leaderboard to compare against other users.

Note: In the Blackhawk Down level, terrorists will shoot back at you. If you don’t engage them within a certain timeframe, your health will run out. Your health can be monitored on the status bar on top of your screen. Time is measured to the right of the health status.

Leaderboards allow you to compare your scores in the Competitions, Mini Games, and group sizes on the Free Range against other users from all around the world.

To access the leaderboards select the Trophy icon on the left of your screen.

Your score will be highlighted in red. You can scroll up and down the leaderboard to review other users’ scores.

Range Builder

For users that have access to the Pro Tier, you can build your own custom ranges. The Range Builder can be accessed from the main menu.

Start building your own range by adding and setting up your targets.

Once you have set up the targets, you will need to select the Game Mode. This allows you to define the object, which could be either end when all targets have been hit, on a time limit, or when you have used your allocated ammunition. If you level both the Time and Shot Allocated as unlimited, then ensure you include a ‘Stopper’ Target.

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